L’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir est un espace de travail et d’exposition dédié à l’art imprimé / The A.Piroir Studio-Gallery is specialized in the creation and exhibition of fineartprintmaking


BIECTR 10ème

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Dossier de presse

La Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières (BIECTR), exposition-concours internationale qui a lieu tous les deux ans, est partenaire de l’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir à Montréal pour un événement satellite qui se tient durant les années intercalaires de la Biennale. L’événement comporte deux volets. 

Un premier volet est constitué d’une exposition et d’une résidence de création, offertes toutes les deux à un artiste d’estampe actuelle ayant été exposé à la BIECTR. L’exposition sera présentée en 2018 à l’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir, où se déroulera aussi la résidence de création. Celle-ci, d’une durée de deux semaines, permettra à l’artiste de produire une estampe (gravure, lithographie ou gravure sur bois) avec l’assistance de maîtres imprimeurs. 

Comme second volet de l’événement, l’artiste présentera une conférence ou une classe de maître pendant la durée de son séjour. 

Nous avons l’honneur d’annoncer que le lauréat de cette année est M. Janne Laine. Sélectionné parmi tous les artistes de la 10e édition de la BIECTR, M. Laine est invité à présenter une exposition individuelle à l’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir. D’une durée de 6 à 8 semaines, cette exposition permettra au public montréalais de découvrir un corpus plus complet de l’artiste tout en accroissant le rayonnement de la BIECTR. 

L’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir a été très impressionné par l’utilisation de la technique d’héliogravure, qui est très peu utilisée, et a été rejoint par l’esthétique des oeuvres de M. Laine. L’Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir étant toujours à la recherche du renouvellement dans l’art de l’estampe, est très heureux d’offrir cette résidence/exposition à M. Janne Laine, de l’aider dans le développement de sa création et de contribuer au rayonnement de l’art d’estampe actuel. 

La BIEC est aujourd’hui un évènement international d’envergure qui permet au public québécois de découvrir la richesse et la diversité de pratiques de l’estampe contemporaine à travers le monde. Par son association avec la BIEC, l’Atelier-Galerie Alain Piroir souhaite affirmer son engagement envers ces artistes et participer à la vitalité de ce milieu.


 BiecTR 9ème





As part of its partnership with the Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières (BIECTR), the Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir takes great pleasure in welcoming the Quebec artist Hélène Latulippe as artist in residence, as well as for a solo exhibition.

Her constant exploration of the limits of printmaking and her marriage of various materials (seen in her use of textiles and papers and in her installation works) has inspired us to choose Hélène Latulippe. This event fits well with the common goals of BIECTR and AGAP, to promote the renewal and development of contemporary print art.

Ms Latulippe, was selected amongst the artists exhibiting of the 9th BIECTR. Her solo exhibition will be held from September 6 to October 15, 2016 at the Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir. This exhibition, which follows an artist’s residency (taking place in May, 2016), will give the Montreal public the opportunity to discover a more complete body of the artist’s work and broaden the reach of the BIECTR.

Artist statement

« Utilisez pour vous exprimer les choses qui vous entourent… les objets de vos souvenirs. Dites tout cela avec une sincérité intime, tranquille et humble. » 1

Memory engraves, erases, transforms, distorts. It records the events in its own way, modifies them randomly according to its whims and transforms them in pure fabrication. It classifies occurrences impetuously as witnesses, feelings, views, allusions, traces, marks, scars, reminiscences, engrams. It superimposes moods, sounds and smells to them. It hides them simultaneously under different perspectives, different angles of perception, or behind many facets of one’s personality. It is primary, selective, emotional, and associative.

Inspired by the writings of Joan Gibbons and Marcel Proust, my work investigates the way our emotive memory functions and changes our perception of the world. Hunting down remnants of recollections, I reshape and reorganize them to bring an emotion to the surface with which the viewer can identify.

Responding to my own attraction to materials and my love for leaving marks, I mold my vocabulary after a simple shape, a solid color and a process based on the repetition of gesture. I wish to create a poetic and universal work.

1 Rilke, Rainer-Maria, Lettres à un jeune poète, Bernard Grasset, Paris 1937, p 21 

(Express yourself using your surrounding…your memory. Say it with sincerity, serenity and humility)  


BIECtr 8ème





It is with great pleasure that the Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir invites Nancy Lambert, a current printmaking artist, for an artist residency followed by a solo exhibition.

Mme Lambert has been selected amongst the recipients of the BIEC’s (International biennale of contemporary arts in Trois Rivières) Grand Prize, the Banque Nationale Groupe Final Prize, the Prix Télé-Québec as well as from the nominees for honorable mention. The solo exhibit at the Atelier-galerie A.Piroir. Furthermore, Mme Lambert will be offered an artist residency beginning April 25, 2014, thus allowing the Montreal public the opportunity to discover a larger body of work from this artist.

In the past few years, her printmaking has included an integration of digital photographic means with traditional etching techniques, has inspired the AGAP. Her marriage of various techniques is precisely in line with the Atelier-Galerie A.Piroir’s mandate to promote contemporary printmakers.

PROJECT: « Life IS a Dream»

I’m always looking for small things which noone else has noticed, which are hidden, invisible or unknown. I gather, examine, organise. I play with the appearances which have presented themselves to me and my pleasure is to bring them to the light of day. If the occasion presents itself, I tell their stories. Often, therefore, my work includes words, as text, as poetry, as title.

In the past few years, my printmaking has included an integration of digital photographic means with traditional etching techniques. This particular combination, to some extent, allows me to present the sensation of being immersed in a world which is rapidly moving all around me. I feel confronted by the its immense richness and also its inscrutability. The possibility of rapidly gathering numerous snapshots of any given subject gives me the impression of being able to more adequately participate in the « reality » at hand. Success is always short-lived and partial at best. Probably it is the futility of trying to bear witness to anything in the world that motivates me to continue. So, the changing apparences hold me on the path of trial and error and the restrictive means of metal, varnish, ink and paper keep me rooted in the studio.

The suite « Social Media : Out of the Box », of which seven etching have been shown at the BIETR 2013, tells about the many - faceted interface between the artwork and its public. For the art aficionado, it is lends itself to humorous interpretation.

The series of etchings I intend to work on during the AGAP residency in 2014 will be the continuation of a theme which first presented itself to me in 1964. Two boys searching for clams drew me into a magical moment and a black and white photograph resulted. Since then, the subject of people at the beach has become a collection of unfinished sketches which I have always looked for an opportunity to continue. The series is tentatively called « Lifeis a Dream » because my grasp of the dichotomy « consciousness – unconsciousness » gives prescience to the unconscious as a guiding force and this series of images could allow me to present, in a playful way, some mythic characters under a contemporary sky.


Nancy Lambert studied printmaking at L’école des beaux-arts in the studio of Albert Dumouchel and later went on to work with several printmaking techniques in the studio of Yves Gaucher at Sir George Williams University. Following this she was a printmaker at Pierre Ayot’s studio, GRAFF. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Education and a PhD in philosophy from Concordia University. Now retired from the Université de Montréal where she was a Professor of art education for thirty years, she pursues her interest in printmaking and contributes regularly to local and international events and exhibitions.

My practice as an etcher and a printmaker allows me, to some extent, to give form to the sensation of being in a rapidly moving world which confronts me with its immense richness and also with its inscrutability. Thus, it is the appearances of the world which hold me to the path of trial and error and the restrictive means of metal, varnish, ink and paper which keep me rooted within the studio.


BIECtr 7ème







The Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières (BIEC), a competition and exhibition held every two years, is joining the Montreal organisation, the Alain Piroir Studio-Gallery (AGAP), in creating a new satellite event held in the intercalary year of the Biennale.

An exhibition and artist residence, held at the AGAP, will be offered every two years to an artist nominated at the BIEC. The first exhibition will be held in 2012.

Saskia Jetten, to whom the exhibit and residency has been offered, was selected amongst the recipients of the Biennale’s Grand Prize, the Banque Nationale Groupe Final Prize, the Prix du Québec as well as from the nominees for honourable mention. The solo exhibit, held at the Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir, will last from 6 to 8 weeks allowing the Montreal public the opportunity to discover a larger body of work from this artist. Furthermore, the BIEC will benefit from a greater visibility within the province.

The Alain Piroir Studio-Gallery shall cover all of the expenses related to travel and transportation and will offer an allowance of 1000$ CAD to the artist.

The two week residency will allow the artist to create a print (etching, lithograph or woodcut) with the assistance of the master printers. Once again, the AGAP has committed a printing budget of 1000$ CAD.

The artist will also be required to host a conference or master class during his stay. The BIEC will be responsible for all documentation and promotion of this event.

This year, it is the Atelier’s honor to announce that the residency-exhibit is offered to Netherlander artist Saskia Jetten.

Her constant exploration of the limits of printmaking, seen in her use of textiles and by her installation work, has inspired the AGAP. Her marriage of various techniques is precisely in line with the Atelier-Galerie Alain Piroir’s mandate to promote contemporary printmakers.

Today the BIEC is a significant international event providing the quebecois population the opportunity to discover the scope of contemporary printmaking across the world. Through this partnership, the Alain Piroir Studio-Gallery deepens its commitment to these artists and to the vitality of the printmaking community.