THE TEAM    Master printer Alain Piroir boasts over 40 years professional experience.  Born in France, he first studied fine arts before completing his training with several renowned master printers in Paris. Throughout his career in Paris, Lyon and Montreal he has collaborated with many internationally respected artists including Jean-Paul Riopelle, Max Ernst, Francis Bacon and Roberto Sebastien Matta. In addition to his activities as master printer, editor and teacher, in 2007 Alain Piroir decided to further share his passion for printmaking by opening a gallery in the workshop.

Agathe Piroir acquired her professional skills as a printer in the family print shop. She further refined her craft by working in numerous print shops in the United States, France and Quebec, where she collaborated with renowned artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Kiki Smith and Terry Winter. Agathe Piroir teamed up with her father in 2005.

Andrée-Julie Tardif works in administration. She has a masters in management of the cultural sector at Montreal’s HEC business school. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from UQAM. Since October 2010, she has assisted the Piroir team in the development of projects.

THE WORKSHOP   A luminous and calm space that invites creativity, the printshop is fully equipped with worktables, several presses and a wide selection of tools.  The worshop possesses the following:
6 intaglio presses
30 x 70cm
58 x 112cm
70 x 130cm
102 x 180cm
and 2 presses 70 x 140cm
3 percussion presses
70 x 105cm    
38 x 51cm
23 x 33cm
Metal shears, 102cm
Acid room.
Aquatint box, 60 x 102cm
Darkroom for photo etching.
Vacuum table, 107 x 168cm
2 paper cutters, 64cm
Digital equipment.
Digital camera 12.5 pixels
HD videocam
One press for typography and xylography, 56 x 76cm
2 lithographic presses, 63 x 93cm.

SERVICES    Printing and technical assistance is offered for the following techniques: intaglio, etching, collagraphy, photo etching, linocut, xylography, chine collé and digital printmaking (within mixed media works).  Demonstrations and training can be provided to learn or master specific techniques. A wide selection of paper stock including Japanese papers, rag paper such as Arches, Somerset and Hahnemûhle is available at the workshop as well as a variety of copper, plastic and cardboard plates. 

Do not hesitate to forward any questions you might have and to discuss your printmaking project.  For a quote, please contact us to set up a meeting, as an evaluation cannot be established over the phone.
PRINTMAKING SERVICES    Price per copy for printing and 70 dollars per hour for technical assistance, etching and photo etching services.
DIGITAL SERVICES             Price per copy for scans, printing on acetate and special papers. 55 dollars per hour for image retouching or in-depth digital work.
CONTRACT CONDITIONS     The following conditions apply to all contracts. In handing over a project the client is presumed to understand and accept the conditions of the contract. In case of dissatisfaction, the client must advise us before the signature of the work, all signed works are considered as accepted. All materials given to the workshop are treated with the utmost care, however we will not be held responsible for the deterioration of originals or plates that may occur during the printing process. The client must pick up all work and materials within 30 days, after this delay the workshop will not be held responsible.